Dalmatsiche honden kykado

Kykado Amaranthe smilesKykado Amaranthe "Mara" smiles

The Dalmatian is an active breed and wants to be a part of the family-life. Because of their athletic appearance they like active sports like agility and fly ball. They also like hiking and cycling trips. Running together with their owners is one of their favourite activities to.
in general they're outgoing and friendly, free from nervousness and aggression. The Dalmatian is an intelligent breed. With the right approach, you can achieve great results in obedience. Consistency, patience and variety are very important in raising a Dalmatian.
The Dalmatian is a cheerful companion, always keen on your attention. The Dalmatian isn't very watchful, but he will let you know if there are visitors or if there's any danger.

A puppy during the BAER-testA puppy during the BAER-test

Life with a Dalmatians means you have to reserve time to raise and undertake activities with your dog. Three times a day a walk around the block isn't enough. You have to make time to give your dog enough exercise and mental challenge by sports & games.
Summarizing the Dalmatian is a cheery an loyal companion, with whom you can undertake plenty of fun and sporty activities.



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