Kykado  I Dalmatische honden en teckels

Kykado dalmatians, Chantal and ponyChantal's love for horses

We, Patrick and Chantal Hultink, live with our two dalmatians in Zwolle, in the eastern part of the Netherlands.
During our first month of living together, we did not have any dogs. We missed having a dog in the house, especially Chantal.
She had grown up with dogs and she already owned a Dalmatian. However, Kyra stayed with Chantal's mother when we moved in together. So we decided to take on a dog again. Of course it had to be a Dalmatian, that was for sure. In June 2001 Kaj came into our family.
We were looking for a liver bitch and we ended with a black male.
Our wish still was to one day have a liver bitch as well.

Kyra en DianaKyra & Diana

We went to Sweden in November 2002, and visited the Rocca Al Mare Kennel and the litter of pups they had. One of the puppies in the litter was Donna. After a great weekend we brought Donna home to join our family.  In 2007 Lara "Alphadirato Glitter Girl" fly with us from Estonia.
Unfortunately we lost Kyra in 2009, Kaj in 2011, Donna in 2013 and Lara in 2020
But in october 2011 Kayo "Solbo's Kayo" came to our house. This was not planed but Kayo was so welcome with us....

team KykadoTogether nearby Zwolle

Kykado is a shortening of KYra, KAj, and DOnna, our first three dalmatians. In march 2006 we welcomed our first "Kykado" litter.
Breeding is a hobby for us, so we do not breed a litter every year. We do not go for quantity but for quality based on excellent bloodlines. Health, socialisation, character and conformation are the most important issues for us.
We are generally interested in cynology with a special interest in the Dalmatian and the Miniature Dachshund.
Because we believe there is much more than "internet wisdom" we succesfully folowed courses Canine Knowledge Foundation & Advanced and Conformation & Movement, (basic conformation judges education) at the Dutch Kennel Club
We are members of several european breedclubs for dalmatians and dachshunds and we breed according to their rules. With the arrival of our dogs we got to know a lot of friends. We learned a lot from all the people we met. We want to thank all of our friends for all the help they have given us over the years. If you have any questions about "Kykado" or if you are looking for information about this breed, please contact us. We will try to answer all your questions.

Patrick & Chantal


Chantal & Patrick Hultink
Dotterbloem 38
Zwolle - Netherlands
+31 (0)6 - 163.88.791


Solbo's Kayo Alphadirato glitter girl
Bohemian Rhapsody Vitoraz

Kykado I Bohemian Rhapsody VitorazBohemian Rhapsody Vitoraz "Nova"