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Bedburg 2014, Devina Best of Breed & Clubsiegerin

Last Sunday we went to the CDF Clubsiergerschau in Bedburg (D) with Lara, Kayo, Nancy and Devina.
It was a beautiful location, we had great weather, we had a lovely time together.. only the showring was not the best.
But the result was totally awesome !!

Kykado Devina NJK "Devina" won the Open Class with CAC VDH/CDF, was Best Bitch (which we felt totally awesome)
and also Best of Breed with the title "Clubsiegerin" !!
Nancy and Devina are in the ring together a strong team and we are very proud of them, even mom Lara and dad Kayo !

Lara "Alphadirato Glitter Girl" became 3 Exc in a strong field of nine bitches in the Open Class.
Kayo "CH. Solbo's Kayo" had a irregular movement so the only thing the judge could was give him the third place in the Champion Class

We found it very nice that Mira "Wijanty" (Christi Ormond Heal the World x Kykado Crystal Springs)
was entered for the show.
Mira lives with Aleida Vermeulen and is a granddaughter of Lara. Mira was 2VG in Intermediate Class.
Together with her daughter Devina and granddaughter Mira, we have taken a picture with the proud grandmother Lara :-)

Two other daughters Kayo did an excellent job on the show :
Heidi of the Black Mountains Silver - 1U in the Junior class with CAC VDH/CDF
Great Secret of the Silver Black Mountains - 1U in Intermediate Class with CAC VDH/CDF

The judge was mr. Sid Bolt from the UK

Kykado Devina bundessieger 2014

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Bath 2014, Kayo Best of Breed

27 may 2014
This weekend we went to the "Bath Canine Society Championship Show" in Bath (UK).
When we saw the (rainy) pictures on facebook of the showground we doubt if we should go.
But the weather gods were in a good mood and we had a lovely day, thank you !!!

Kayo " Solbo's Kayo" became Best
 Dog with DCC and became Best of Breed later.
It was Kayo's 2nd DCC, so we have one to go... ;-)
81 dalmatians were entered and the judge was mr. J. McCarthy (UK). Afther the show we directly went home and we arrived home safely at 3:00 AM .....
Thank you all for the congratulations and the great time at the show !!!

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Kykado Devina NJK, Best in Show 7

20 may 2014
We are very proud of Nancy and Devina "Kykado Devina NJK".
Last weekend they participated at the Club show of KC Delft. Devina was Best of Breed, Best in Group 6 and became also Best in Show 7 !! 
Well done girls.
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Bochum 2014, Kayo best of Breed

5 may 2014
Yesterday we went with Lara & Kayo to the "Dalmatian Special show" in Bochum (Ger).
In the morning it was very cold but luckily the sun came soon through and it turned out in a beautiful day !!
Kayo enjoyed (as usual ;-)) all the attention at the show.
Lara did her best but was, in our opinion, still slightly on the thick side after being falsh pregnant.
There were also 4 daughters of Kayo present and had very nice results !!

Kayo "CH. Solbo's Kayo" won the Champion class with CAC VDH/DVD, became Best Male and also Best of Breed !!
Lara "Alphadirato Glitter Girl" received an Excellent and a very nice report in the Open Class.

Kykado Devina - 2Exc in Open Class with Res.CAC VDH/DVD
Zimt und Zucker vom Scheibenholz - 1Exc in Junior class with JCAC VDH/DVD and Best Junior
Heidi of the Black Silver Mountains - Exc in Junior Class and with the last selection in a very strong class (19 total)
Great Secret of the Black Silver Mountains - 2Exc in Intermediate class with Res.CAC VDH/DVD
The judge was mrs. Julie Evans from the UK.

So it was another great day for us ... but above all a great day with lots of friends around us !
Congratulations to you all with the nice results !!

Solbo's Kayo Best of Breed in Bochum 2014

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Visiting Devina

Last weekend we had the last visit of the D-litter. 
In the morning we drove towards Rijswijk were we were welcomed with great enthusiasm by Nancy and Devina "Kykado Devina". 
After a delicious cup of coffee, we walked to the sea, it was for one of us is not always easy ;)
Then cozy in the sun on a terrace, It was lovely. 
Back home at Devina and Nancy we enjoyed a great meal. 
After I finally got Chantal in the car it was still two hours to drive home. 
Nancy and Devina, thanks for a great day!

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Crufts critique

We are very proud with the critique of mrs. Diane Dinsdale from the Crufts !!

1. Hultink & Hoies
Ch/Multi Ch Solbos Kayo, one of the best dogs I have ever gone over, hard to fault.
Wonderful head and expression, good ear set, clean well held neck and he has a proper front.
Good along back, well ribbed and well let down hindquarters.
Tail simply perfection and he is a moving machine, flowed round the ring with easy long strides.
I thought he looked superb in the group CC. BOB.

Crufts 2014 rozettes Solbo's Kayo


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