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Visiting Eddy

Already one month ago we visited Pieter, Willy and Eddy "Kykado Danville".
Last week we received, because our battery was empty, the great photo.
Peter, thanx.
We had a great time and loved being in Knokke.

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Crufts 2014, Kayo Best of Breed

Last Wednesday we began our trip to Crufts with Kayo. First to my mother where Lara would stay overnight.
On Thursday we left for Knokke (Belgium) to visit Pieter, Eddy (Kykado Danville) & Willy.
It was really beautiful weather when we arrived at Pieter's, and we have made a lovely walk along the boulevard with three dogs (pictures will follow soon !!).
Friday we went to Birmingham where we stayed in our "regular" hotel ;-)
Saturday was the big day ..... "Crufts" !!
The alarm was at 6:30 am but we were already awake at 6:00 am .
So we made everything ready and left for the NECC. Always exciting such day .. especially when you consider that last year Kayo became Reserve Dog !!
Then it can hardly be better ?? Well It can !!

Kayo "Ch. Solbo's Kayo" became Best Dog with DCC and then also Best of Breed ! What a dream !! The judge was mrs. D. Dinsdale (UK).
And than further in the group. We found the whole experience behind the scenes of the Crufts very excited.
Every year we look at the group online and then we say to each other, "what a dream it would be to be in the big Arena".
Before I entered the arena I was pretty emotional, it is the Crufts and we were going to be in the arena :-)
It was fantastic to be in the big arena and Kayo flew over the green carpet !! We were encouraged and that gave us wings .
What an experience and we are extremely proud of Kayo who has enjoyed all the attention !!

Back to my mother on Sunday where Lara was waiting for us with a big smile because Lara is incredibly proud of her Kayo to.
Now at home we look the pictures and then I think "were we really there ?", very weird to see yourselves on TV.
We have received lots of sweet messages, cards, phone calls and flowers thanks for that !!
Meanwhile, the "ordinary" life started again , but we are still on cloud nine !!

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Kayo BOB at Dog of the Yearshow

Last Sunday we had again the honor, just like last year, to go with Kayo to the "Dog of the Year Show"
And what a difference with the weather of last year !
Last year we were in the snow at Theater "The Flint" in Amersfoort (NL) and this time we drove up and there were plenty of crocus in bloom !
For us it was the 2nd time, but it's still a great show with the catwalk, the beautiful flowers and atmospheric lighting.

There were a total of 19 dogs in breeding group 6 with three Dalmatians.
Kayo "ch. Solbo's Kayo" was selected with the best six in Group 6 and became the best Dalmatian of the show !
Very proud of our Pojke and a beautiful rosette we went back home :-)
The judge was mr. D. Rutten (NL)

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Jazzy & Devina in Eindhoven

Jazzy "Kykado Dauphiné" and Devina "Kykado Devina" went yesterday to the dogshow in Eindhoven (NL).
Jazzy became 1 VG and Devina 2 VG in the intermediate class. Both ladies had an Excellent report so in our opinion
they both deserved that qualification !! The judge was mr. Seibel (D).

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Devina 2nd at canicross

Kykado DevinaThe 2nd of february Nancy and Devina "Kykado Devina" competed a canicross contest in Goirle.
They both did such a great job and became a lovely 2nd place.
We are very proud with this result in this kind of sports.



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