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Kayo Best in Show in Maastricht 2014

OMG !!!! Yesterday at the show in Maastricht (NL) Kayo "Ch. Solbo's Kayo" became BOB, BIG 1 .....and Best in Show !!!! 
Breed & Groupjudge Arne Foss, BIS judge was Dick Rutten. 
We are sooooo proud of this result, another dream came true.

Solbo's Kayo Best in Show in Maastricht
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Kykado YouTube Channel is updated

In recent weeks we have been busy professionalize our Youtube channel
It was a lot of work, but we like the result
Please visit:

kykado youtube kanaal

Kayo is now official English Champion

Now it is official, Kayo "CH Solbo's Kayo" is an English Champion !!! We are so proud !!
Thanx to Diane Dinsdale, John, McCarthy and Donna Wincup for awarding the CC's.

Solbo's Kayo is now champion of england

Puppies Missy

On the 2nd of september the puppies of Kayo Solbo's Kayo and Missy Daumont Made in Heaven at Herberia were born.
They were born at Kennel "Herberiensis" in Italy, 7 dogs and 1 bitch.
Missy and her puppies are doing fine.
Congratulations Francesco !!
For all info go to

solbo's kayo puppies with missy

Solbo's Kayo at OurDogs

Last month Kayo "Solbo's Kayo" was at Ourdogs.
This is what they wrote about Kayo:

At Leeds Ch. Show on Sunday, Chantel Hultink showed Dk Ch Int Ch ChVDH Noesk Ch Solbo’s Kayo CW12 EJW’o9 AW for the third time in the UK This year, and for the third time he won DCC and BOB gaining his UK Title. (Subject to KC)
His first CC was at Crufts under Diane Dinsdale his second at Bath under John McCarthy and his third at Leeds under Donna Whincup.
Kayo was last shown in the UK at Crufts 2013 where he was awarded RDCC by Juliet, Lady Macdonald of Sleet. Kayo was bred by Mrs Ivarsson and is co-owned by well known Norwegian Exhibitor Helle Hoie.
Kayo now resides in the Netherlands.
By chance watching at the ringside at Leeds were Diane Dinsdale and John McCarthy who were able to celebrate with Chantel and Kayo and Joined Donna in the Ring for a celebratory Photo.

See the complete article at:

Solbo's Kayo in OurDogs

Puppies Roos

on the 25th of august the puppies of Kayo and Roos "Arctissimo's Roos" were born.
They were born at Kennel "Arctissimo's" in the Netherlands, 7 dogs and 5 bitches.
Roos and her puppies are doing well after a tough day for mother and puppies.
Congratulations Henk and Marino !!
For all info go to

Roos and her puppies


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