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Puppies Kayo and Lilly are born

Yesterday the puppies of Kayo "int. ch. Solbo's Kayo" and Lilly "Tamilanda Lilly The Pink JW ShCM" were born in England.
Lilly has given birth to 7 males and 4 females :)
Everything goes well with Lilly and the puppies, Kayo is a very proud dad !!

Gongratulations Donna and Kevin. 

For more info about this litter go to:

puppies Kayo en Lilly Kykado Dalmatians

Devina 1st at Canicross

Yesterday Nancy en Devina "Kykado Devia NJK"  became 1st during the canicross in Wassenaar (NL).
We are so proud with these girls !!!

Nancy en Devina

Kayo is expecting puppies in England

Kayo "int. ch. Solbo's Kayo" mated Lilly "Tamilanda Lilly The Pink JW ShCM".
Puppies will be expected at kennel Tamilanda in the UK around the 6th of november.
For more info about this litter go to:


Critique Bath 2015

Last week we received the critiques of Kayo and Lara of the Bath dogshow.
We are so proud with these critiques. The judge was S. Stevenson (UK)


This dog possesses so many of the attributes of 1.
Despite being slightly heavier in stature is well balanced.
Head of good proportions and a kind expression, framed by well carried broken ears.
Very well developed throughout, in hard condition.
Has particularly well angulated rear quarters.
Movement was positive and determined with plenty of drive and powerful reach.
Excellently presented and offering his handler his complete attention.
Pushed 1 hard for first place.
Res CC. 05
Attractive head and good reach of neck.
Nice overall proportions with correct shoulder placement and deep chest.
Well developed rear providing plenty of drive.
Positive and true movement.
Expertly handled.
Stood alone in the class but her place was well deserved.04

small vacation in England

What a great week we had had in the UK.
We visited Avebury, the hills around and the city of Bath, the pitoresk place called Malborough and Glastonbury with the famous "Tor".
A small complication of photo's you can see here.
Click at the first photo for the slideshow{gallery}news/2015/05/25,limit=1,limit_quantity=7,crop=1,crop_factor=20,ratio=0,width=60,height=150,thumbs=0,random=0{/gallery} 

Bath & Southeren Counties 2015

In the week of 25 to 29 may we had a lovely week in the UK.
During this week we entered at the shows of bath the 25th of may and Southern Counties the 29th of may.

Bath, 25 may
Kayo "Ch. Solbo's Kayo" became 2nd in a strong open class and won the reserve CC.
Lara "Alphadirato Glitter Girl" won the veteran class and qualified for Crufts 2016.
Devina "Kykado Devina" the daughter of Kayo en Lara won the VHC in a very strong class.
The judge was mrs. S. Stevenson (UK).

Southern Counties, 29 may
Devina "Kykado Devina" beceme 2nd in Post Graduate class an qualified for Crufts 2016.
Lara "Alphadirato Glitter Girl" became 3rd in a combination class of veteran dogs and bitches and qualified again for Crufts 2016.
Kayo "Ch. Solbo's Kayo" won the open class and became best dog with the DCC. Kayo is now also qualified for DOTY 2015.
The judge was mr. B. Gardner (UK).

We are so proud with these results, Great job Nancy and Devina !!

Click at the first photo for the complete slideshow{gallery}news/2015/05/29,limit=1,limit_quantity=7,crop=1,crop_factor=20,ratio=0,width=60,height=150,thumbs=0,random=0{/gallery}


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