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Crufts 2017

What a lovely dog to start this amazing day! Rising 9 and showing no signs of age,
this upstanding B/S of excellent proportions, he has the most lovely head and eyes,
strong neck and excellent forehand, firm in topline and tailset, well developed quarters,
top quality coat with even spotting, this dog comes into his own on the move,
maintains a super outline and excels out and back.
Best veteran.

Kykado Crufts

Crufts 2016

crufts 21510 march 2016
It is Tuesday morning 8 march and we are ready to go to England.
This will be the 3rd time that we show Kayo at Crufts. 
This year Kayo wil be in the veteran class because Kayo has become a year older ;-) 
We have good weather and it's quiet on the road and we arrive around noon in the hotel. 
Wednesday we had a lovely relaxing day. Also Nancy and Devina “KYKADO Devina” arrived in the hotel and after dinner we prepaired for Crufts. It will be the first time for Nancy and Devina at Crufts :-)

On Thursday morning we got out of bed early. Because Kayo is in veteran class we have to start early.
It is always a very special feeling to be at Crufts and to run on the green carpet ;-)
Kayo loved it being back in the ring and he did so much his best !!!
We were so happy and proud when Kayo won his class, our Pojke did it again !!
Now we had to wait for Nancy and Devina.
Devina was entered in the Post Graduate Class. In this class 24 bitches ware entered.
After everyone was judged Devina was selected with the last 8 !! We were so happy !!
And what a proud breeder we were when Nancy and Devina won this Class, What a great result !!!

After the show we had some time for a little shopping and after that we went back to our hotel for a little celebration with a glass of wine ;-)
On Friday we had to say goodbye to Nancy and Devina because we went to friends and Nancy and Devina had a little holiday in the south of England.
After these great days we had to go back to work again.... 
Luckily we still have the great photo’s and memories!!

The Reports of Kayo and Devina
1. ch/int/nl/bel/nord/ger. Ch. Solbo's Kayo
B/ spotted dog, super head, correct depth of brisket, 
so well-muscled up, powerful action just flew around the ring, 
hard to believe he’s a veteran.

1. Kykado Devina
A lovely liver bitch, with attractive head, framed by nice ears,
good level topline, correct bend of stifle, 
put In a good performance to win this class moved with a long reachy stride.

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Int. Ch. Solbo's Kayo and his daughter Kykado Devina NJK

Kykado Crufts

Crufts 2014

Crufts kykado dalmatians8 march 2014
Wednesday 5 march we began our trip to Crufts with Kayo. First to my mother where Lara would stay overnight.
On Thursday 6 march we left for Knokke (Belgium) to visit Pieter, Eddy (Kykado Danville) & Willy.
It was really beautiful weather when we arrived at Pieter's, and we have made a lovely walk along the boulevard with three dogs (pictures will follow soon !!).
Friday 7 march we went to Birmingham where we stayed in our "regular" hotel ;-)
Saturday 8 march was the big day ..... "Crufts" !!
The alarm was at 6:30 am but we were already awake at 6:00 am .
So we made everything ready and left for the NECC. Always exciting such day .. especially when you consider that last year Kayo became Reserve Dog !!
Then it can hardly be better ?? Well It can !!

Kayo "Ch. Solbo's Kayo" became Best Dog with DCC and then also Best of Breed ! What a dream !! The judge was mrs. D. Dinsdale (UK).
And than further in the group. We found the whole experience behind the scenes of the Crufts very excited.
Every year we look at the group online and then we say to each other, "what a dream it would be to be in the big Arena".
Before I entered the arena I was pretty emotional, it is the Crufts and we were going to be in the arena :-)
It was fantastic to be in the big arena and Kayo flew over the green carpet !! We were encouraged and that gave us wings .
What an experience and we are extremely proud of Kayo who has enjoyed all the attention !!

Back to my mother on Sunday 9 march where Lara was waiting for us with a big smile because Lara is incredibly proud of her Kayo to.
Now at home we look the pictures and then I think "were we really there ?", very weird to see yourselves on TV.
We have received lots of sweet messages, cards, phone calls and flowers thanks for that !!
Meanwhile, the "ordinary" life started again , but we are still on cloud nine !!

1. Hultink & Hoies, Ch/Multi Ch Solbos Kayo,
one of the best dogs I have ever gone over, hard to fault. 

Wonderful head and expression, good ear set, clean well held neck and he has a proper front. 
Good along back, well ribbed and well let down hindquarters. 
Tail simply perfection and he is a moving machine, flowed round the ring with easy long strides. 
I thought he looked superb in the group CC. BOB.

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Crufts 2013

Crufts kykado dalmatians8 march 2013
Last week we went with Kayo "Solbo's Kayo" to Birmingham to compete at the Crufts, Worlds largest dogshow.
After a long drive in the rain we arrived tired but safe our Hotel. In the evening I had to do my hair (what a whole adventure was) and we went to bed early for the special day !!
On friday mornig at 08.30 am started the judging of the Dalmatians.We had to go in the ring around 11 o'clock.
I got the chills when the judge, Lady MacDonald of Sleat (GB), put Kayo as 2nd in the open class.
Then I was allowed to come back for the Reserve CC. when the judge came towards me I almost dared not to look and I couldn't believe that I got the ribbon and the hand !! I was in seventh heaven. ... And I will stay there for the time being;)
In the evening we went out to dinner with 14 persons, what was very pleasant and especially internationally !!
The next day we went home in the fog, but that didn't mater for us .....
In short, Crufts 2013 was for us great!!

The critiques of mrs. Lady MacDonald of Sleat (GB):
Top quality well beautifully spotted b in excellent condition, good head and dark eye, well off for bone. 
Excellent top line, tail carriage and powerful hind quarters. 
Moved with plenty of drive, superbly handled. RCC
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Crufts 2009

Crufts 2009 Kykado dalmatians6 march 2009

On the 5th of March the time had come .... the Crufts adventure is about to begin !! 
At 07.00 came Marieke, Karin and Ria with Indy to our place to make the travel together to Birmingham.
All preparations were completed and the car was packed. 
A little walk to let Indy and Lara say Helle to eachoter and then we go. 
We still have about 750 km to go .... 
In France, at the tunnel, the dogs must be checked and then we can resume our journey. 
After half an hour in the Eurotunnel we arrived in Folkestone in England.
In the evening we arrive at our hotel at the airport. We're going to eat and then go to bed early because tomorrow is the big day !! 
Finally at Crufts, and I found out that my soft bench doesn't fit in these English system :( but fortunately Lara does not need to go in the bench and she is sitting like a queen. 
And we wait ...... and wait ....... but we have patience. 
After the judging of the dogs there was a little break for the judge before we could make our appearance in the ring. 
We stood in the yearling class with 15 other females. 
Yes, we are chosen with the last seven of the class 
We can act a little longer on the green carpet of Crufts, We still have to do our best. 
Now it's exciting ... the judge, Mrs. Kindersley, will make her final choice. 
When placing fifth it is still exciting, the judge doubted anyway long between Lara and another bitch but ultimately chose the "English" bitch. 
All in all this was a wonderful experience and no one can take that away from us. 
Obviously we are very proud of the fact that we were selected. 

After the judging we go to do some shopping. It is so huge and there's so much to see, but after shopping, we are tired but satisfied. 
If we want to go back to the shuttle, we see "Dvojica Voodoo" entering the ring for the group judging. 
We decide to sit down and encourage her.
Back at the hotel we went went to visit the neighbors. 
Patrik, Wendy, Margriet and Priscilla are in the hotel next to us and we have fun together with some drinks.
And then we go back home ....... 
Marieke, Karin, Ria and Indy thanks for the nice days and for the support in the ring !!

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