kykado dalmatische honden Kyra

Amelanchier's Amarant-Kyra "Kyra" 27 april 1996  -  29 june 2009

After a short periode of illness we lost the battle.
Kyra passed away the 29th of june.
It was the hardest decison we had to make.
Kyra will be forever in our mind and hearts.
Kyra was the first dalmatian in my life. She was born in 1996 and was in very good condition in her late years.
Kyra was a great housedog who never went to shows. When I lived at home Kyra always went with me to take care of my horse.
Together walking in the forest she liked the most. Kyra also liked to swim and walk beside the bike.
Kyra was also very good in obidiance. She likes to work for you.
Kyra lived together with my mother and enjoyed her attention every day. They often took long walks.
But when my mother went on vacation Kyra always stayed with us.
Love you forever.....

collage kyra


Amelanchier's Amarant-Kyra
, NHSB 2066397,
bitch black, born 27 april 1996, bilateral hearing, complete dentition.
breeder: Marie-José Smits

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