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Laguna Dios Duran Duran "Kaj"

Laguna Dios Duran Duran, Kykado Dalmatians 27 march 2001 - 5 july 2011

Kaj was our teddybear: he loved cuddles and even with his 35 kg, he enjoyed sitting on our lap.
His parents are from Russia and Sweden and are both Multi champion titled. Kaj was a very well balanced dog with big boning and a very good muscle tone. He was moderately angulated, had a strong neck and well set shoulders. He had a good front with a deep chest and strong loins. His catfeet were tight and strong and his movement was powerfull. He was bliateral hearing, had a complete dentition and his hips were HD-A.
Funny things about him were: he loved the fish in our pond. He could stare and play "catch-me" with them for a long time and he talked a lot!
Mis you Kaj.....

laguna dios duran duran


Laguna Dios Duran Duran, NHSB 2325880 (imp. Belarussia),
black dog, born 27 march 2001, bilateral hearing, HD-A, complete dentition,
breeder: Nadia Melnikova

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