kykado dalmatische honden onze puppies

Our D-litter (27 april 2012)

Kykado D litter Solbo's Kayo Alphadirator Glitter Girl      

6 dogs and 3 bitches were born the 27th april 2012
out of the combination 
int. Ch. Solbo's Kayo "Kayo" and Alphadirato Glitter Girl "Lara".


Foto slideshow

{gallery}litter/d-litter/wk08,gap_h=20,gap_v=20, word=De foto's van week 8{/gallery}
{gallery}litter/d-litter/wk07,gap_h=20,gap_v=20, word=De foto's van week 7{/gallery}
{gallery}litter/d-litter/wk06,gap_h=20,gap_v=20, word=De foto's van week 6{/gallery}
{gallery}litter/d-litter/wk05,gap_h=20,gap_v=20, word=De foto's van week 5{/gallery}

{gallery}litter/d-litter/wk04,gap_h=20,gap_v=20, word=De foto's van week 4{/gallery}
{gallery}litter/d-litter/wk03,gap_h=20,gap_v=20, word=De foto's van week 3{/gallery}
{gallery}litter/d-litter/wk02,gap_h=20,gap_v=20, word=De foto's van week 2{/gallery}
{gallery}litter/d-litter/wk01,gap_h=20,gap_v=20, word=De foto's van week 1{/gallery}
{gallery}litter/d-litter/wk00,gap_h=20,gap_v=20, word=De eerste foto's{/gallery}

Click here for our complete dairy and small films from our D-litter.

The bitches
Kykado Devina NJK, Clubsiegerin CDF'14
jazzy08  Kykado Dauphiné "Jazzy"
Kykado Della Vittoria "Bella" bella08 

The Dogs
 Kaykado Durban "Pablo Pablo 
 morris  Kykado Darwin "Morris"
 Kykado Dinant "Brynn  Brynn
Rimoz   Kykado Davos "Rimoz"
 Kykado Durango "Bikkel  bikkel
eddy   Kykado Danville "Eddy"


the parents

Int NL Bel Nord N S DK GER Ch. Solbo's Kayo

EJW'09, KBHV'10, DKW'10, BW'11, CW'12, AW'12, BW'12

Alphadirato Glitter GirlBJW'08

De Pedigree

 Elegant Envoy
 Spotnik's Viking
 Spotnik's Special
 Spotnik's Quick
 Spotnik's Milkmaid
 Perdita's Kiss Me
 Dalmo's Educated Edgar
 Perdita's Ling Live Love
 Bell-A Mir's
 Classy Cleopatra
 Rocca Al Mare
 T-Cart Unicus
 Skartofta's Clothilde
 Comical's Bella Born
 By Nellie
 Calling Card
 Elegant Edward
 Dalmo's Aragon
 The First
 Spotnik's Snow Storm
 Dalmo's Octavia
 Dalmo's Viva
 La Bamba0
 Dalmo's Ringleader
 Spotnik's Emily Brown
 Spotnik's Treasure
 O' Tomorrow
 Perfect Harmony
 Labyrinth Oscar Madison
 Legacy's Picture Perfect
 Onsdag Origo
 Carriage To Accomac-
 Spotnik's Molly Maid
 Glitter Girl
 Tollwood Lionel
 At Kilndandy
 Truthful Tango
 At Kilndandy
 Dancing Brave
 Review At Knightstone
 Washakie Taboo
 Sweet Marjoram  Woofenbark Why Forget
 Rubella of Kentoo
 Fincham Fast
 Talking Tinker
 Dalregis Don Pedro
 at Linkarl
 Konavlje Fay at Fincham
 Maggie May
 Konavlje Mr Wonderful
 Follyleas Levante
 Laguna Dios
 Alisia Donna
 Rocca Al Mare
 Cheerio Vicktory  Labyrinth Liberator
 Cheerio Simply Smashing
 Skartofta's Clothilde  Solbo's Union Jack
 Bobbysocks Cha Cha
 Silva - Ledi  Destyut Trossy Erison  Agat Dzhulay
 Doniana Sen Mary
 Mars Furija  Dal Agi

The photo pedigree

Solbo's Kayo

Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy

Spotnik's Viking Victory

Bell-A Mir's Classy Cleopatra
Spotnik's Calling Card

Dalmo's Elegant Edward

Spotnik's Treasure O' Tomorrow

Alphadirato Glitter Girl

Tollwood Lionel At Kilndandy

Truthful Tango At Kilndandy
Tollwood Eugenie

Laguna Dios Alisia Donna

Rocca Al Mare  Adirato

Silva - Ledi




Kykado dalmatians, Tamilanda Going Dutch, Solbo's Kayo en Alphadirato Glitter Girl
Chantal & Patrick Hultink
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Solbo's Kayo Alphadirato glitter girl
Bohemian Rhapsody Vitoraz

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