kykado dalmatische honden onze puppies

We do not expect puppy's this and comming  years.

From time to time we breed a litter who will grow up in our family.
The puppies will be born in a special puppy room. Together with the mother they will stay there for two weeks. After these two weeks the puppies come to our livingroom and will discover a new world. When the puppies are 4 or 5 weeks old they will go outside to play in the garden. If the puppies are vaccinated we will go with them to the market, children's farm, the forrest, the lake and the garden center. We pay much attention to socialize them.
When the Puppies go to the new owners they are vaccinated, dewormed, chiped and baer-tested. The new owners get from us the pedigree, result of the baer-test, a puppy package, a European pasport and a informationbook.
You can always contact us to know more about us and our dogs...
An impression of how we keep our puppies:{gallery}litter/info,limit=1,limit_quantity=6,crop=1,crop_factor=20,ratio=0,width=180,height=144,thumbs=0,random=0{/gallery}


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Solbo's Kayo Alphadirato glitter girl
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