Keurverslag van Bath (UK)

Wij zijn zo enorm trots op het keurverslag van dhr. John McCarthy van de show in Bath 26 mei j.l.,
en willen dit graag met jullie delen !!

Eerst schrijft dhr. McCarthy:
My CC winners were both fully mature, a 6 year old dog and a 4 year old bitch. 
Each demonstrated Style, Movement, Elegance and Handling which was a joy to see and should be a lesson to all.

Vervolgens schrijft dhr. McCarthy over Kayo:
DK Ch,Int,Ch. Nl Ch. VDH Norsk Ch. Solbo’s Kayo CW12 EJW 09 AW
- B/W 6 year old bred in Norway by Mrs Ivarsson and now resident in the Netherlands this dog is a picture of health strength and elegance. He is slightly bigger than most UK stock but our standard allows for variation in size and this dogs overall balance more than justifies his consideration. A masculine head, he has a confident friendly outlook with good dark eyes, well developed stop, strong muzzel and beautiful teeth that sits on top of a powerful, graceful neck. Clean correct shoulders and a lovely fore chest tell you that both heart and lungs are well developed and have plenty of room, the well sprung and deep brisket confirms this. Strong boned legs finish in tight feet with short well used nails. Moving back a level topline and strong well-muscled quarters top a shapely underline. The thighs are well muscled a great bend of stifle speaks of power well set down vertical hocks take you to the powerful rear feet. The tail is correctly set and carried, thick at insertion it tapers slowly to the tip which reaches to the hock. On the move this dog and his handler are a picture of harmony moving freely together without any stress. The front reach is fabulous and the drive from behind combines to give this dog an enormous length of stride this alone make it appear that he is moving too fast but the eyes are being deceived the movement is beautiful and for him this is a trot. I was very happy to award him DCC and BOB .
When I got home I looked up this dog’s record on the BDC website and found that he had won RCC at Crufts 2013 and CC at Crufts 2014 and todays CC was his second in just 4 visits to the UK.
I hope he will return to compete for his third and claim his UK Title.

Bath 2014